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Winn Dixie Deals

I first read about these on a blog I was reading, but then one day the blog disappeared! I hate when that happens. So now I'm having to find them on my own, and I thought I'd share them with you.

Winn Dixie has these great deals going. I only learned about them a few months ago, but they seem to run these deals once a month. Each time, you buy two of a specific item and get a BUNCH of stuff for free! For example, this month's deal is:

Buy 2 Red Baron Pizzas, which cost 2/$11.98.

For FREE you will get:
one 10-13.5 box of Tyson Any'Tizers
one 16 oz package of Hillshire Farm Litl Smokies
one 48 oz. Edy's Ice Cream
one 2 liter Coca Cola product

for a total of $15.12 in free merchandise! Check it out yourself: Winn Dixie
John & I LOVE these deals, and while we're in Winn Dixie we often discover many more great deals (they have great BOGO sales). We end up saving a good chunk of money each time!

{I am not being compensated in any way for posting this. As I said, a blogger who apparently no longer blogs clued me in to them and I just want to share the savings with you!}

I plan on posting these each time Winn Dixie has these specials, so check back - or better yet, follow me or subscribe in your reader! =)

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