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Eating Adventures - Japanese!

I mentioned in my last post that I want to introduce more foods from different cultures to the kiddos.
This weekend, John & I took the kids to a Japanese Steak House for the first time. It was a blast!

It was a very pretty restaurant, and the waiter and chef were great.

The first course of soup was delivered....

....and did not last long. It was delicious!
{I loved the pretty dishes.}

After they finished the appetizer of bacon wrapped scallops,
Andrew and Shelbie were wondering what is coming next.

Our waiter, Ian, arrived, and after impressing the kids by juggling his utensils....

....he really amazed them by starting a fire!

He rolled the eggs around on the grill, cooked them in our rice,

...and seasoned and cooked our shrimp, chicken and steak.

He further impressed the kids by lighting a stack of sliced onion circles on fire....

...and cooking them with other fresh veggies.

We were full well before he was done cooking & serving everything! But we ate as much as we could & took the rest home.

And the kids had a wonderful, memorable experience!

Have you ever been, or taken your kids to, a Japanese Steak House?
How did you/they like it?

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