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WFD? Meatless Monday

*blowing away the dust*

I am totally neglecting this place lately!
I just have so much going on.
I thought I'd have so much more free time since I wasn't working....yeah, I was wrong!

Yesterday was Meatless Monday. Here's our menu:

In case you can't read it due to the glare, it says:

*Meatless Monday*
cheese tortellinis
green beans
garlic bread
yeast rolls

(also, the corner says "i love y'all", written by one of my teenager's BFFs)

I don't usually make two different types of bread, but Shelbie does not like garlic bread. How do you not like garlic bread?! I have to have garlic bread with Italian food, it just BEGS for it.

I just boiled the tortellinis and tossed them with olive oil & seasonings. Then I put a bowl of tomato sauce out for those who wanted it.
It was delish!

Do you ever participate in Meatless Monday?

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  1. Sound like a great dinner. I am always interested in meatless meals since our daughter doesn't eat meat. Thank you.


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