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My World Famous Potato Salad

It's World Famous!
{Simply because I say so!}

Sorry friends, but there are no real measurements here. I'll do my best!
I make a big bowl of this because everyone loooves it.

5 lbs. Yukon Gold potatoes, cubed {I cube them pretty small}
1 large white onion, diced
4-6 boiled eggs {smooshed with the smoosher thing}
Kraft mayonnaise. {Accept no substitutes!}
Hellman's Dijonniase mustard. {see above}
Dill pickle relish

Egg Smoosher= Something like this:

Boil your potatoes until they are soft but still firm. Then mix all ingredients together. You want it creamy but not soupy. Use plenty of dill relish, about half of one of those little jars.
And I season this with my all-purpose seasoning, Nature's Seasons.

Enjoy! I'm taking this to church this coming Sunday for Palm Sunday. =)


  1. Yum! Close to the same one we use here Cyndy except we use Kraft Miracle Whip and French's mustard. My Mom used to use mayo but when we were little kids we didn't like mayo so she switched to the Miracle Whip then. I'm making potato salad for Easter Sunday dinner this year.

  2. Ok now I have to get on the ball I didn't even realize Easter was coming so soon!

  3. Loving the egg smoosher! LOL LOVING the Kraft mayo! :) I say world famous rocks girl :)


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