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Satchel's Pizza

WOW! I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted here.
Today we went to a local restaurant called Satchel's Pizza. This place is truly unique.
If you live in or around Gainesville, or even plan on being in the area for a visit, I highly recommend you eat at Satchel's!

One of the highlights is an old VW van outside, with a table inside. Everyone loves to sit there; both times we've been it was full so we haven't had a chance to sit there yet.
Satchel's is locally owned and has been in Gainesville since 2003. There's a junk shop in the back called Lightnin' Salvage, featuring cool & unique toys and gifts.

"Serious Junk", sign inside of Lightnin' Salvage

There are all kinds of different collections displayed in both the shop & the restaurant, like this cool clothespin collection.

Even the website is fun and interesting. I could tell you more about Satchel's, but the website tells it all in a much more interesting way!

a door inside Lightnin' Salvage

The food is absolutely delicious. The guys had calzones, and they were so huge that they couldn't finish them. Which rarely happens with my guys! The rest of us had pizza, which was fantastic. I had spinach & artichoke hearts. YUM! It's sold by the slice as well as whole pies. The slices are very big, in fact the little girls couldn't even finish theirs!

So whenever you're in Gainesville, be sure to check out Satchel's Pizza!

(This post was not sponsored in any way!)


  1. LOVE satchels. my fave place in gainesville. we got there once right after opening and got seated in the vw bus. its was AWESOME.

    i have a satchels bumper sticker on my car. of course no one in oregon knows what it means....but whatever. :)

  2. I love unique restaurants. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like an amazing place!!!

  4. Well you know I want to try it! We love our pizza....I will have to go there the next time I'm in Florida.


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