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My Kitchen

Today, while baking (yet again), I was thinking about my cooking habits.

I have always liked to cook, but lately I've been cooking more than ever before. I thought back to the time in which I cooked the least, which was a few years ago. John and I were on a kick where we went out for dinner often or had take-out. I was wondering what had changed between then and now.

And I realized...it was my kitchen.

Back when we were at the eating-out-all-the-time stage, we lived in a townhouse. I loved it; 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, it was beautiful.

Except for the kitchen.

It just wasn't conducive to real cooking. It was tucked way back in the back of the first floor. It was a windowless little cubby. There was barely enough room to turn around. And in the back of the kitchen was the stacked washer and dryer. So yes, it doubled as a laundry room!

The rest of the townhouse was very roomy, but the kitchen was absolutely claustrophobic.
Since then we've lived in a few different homes, but this one is by far my favorite, and so is this kitchen.

It's very big and open. There's room for a table, which we don't have yet but plan to get soon, and there's a seperate dining area outside of the kitchen. It has a huge, deep double sink. Plenty of cabinet space.

It has two windows, and it's right in the front of the house. It's very conducive to cooking, and most importantly, to hanging out. There's always a kid or two hanging around, snacking eventhoughI'veaskedthemnotto, and chatting with me while I cook. Usually, they're helping too, or at least getting in my way. =)

And Sofie the boxer is always hanging around, waiting for me to drop goodies.

It's an old fashioned kitchen that I'd love to update one day. But it's not about the style of cabinets or the flooring; it's the size and the feel of it. It's the kind of kitchen we can all hang out in. Like tonight, while I made chicken & yellow rice, white acre peas, biscuits, and peach cobbler for dessert! {I told you I cook a lot now.}

And I love it!

{I found this picture while browsing around, and this is a very similar layout to my kitchen. But, the stove is actually opposite the window. Where the stove is in this picture, is where one of the doors is in my kitchen. And this one is a little more modern and prettyful, and my appliances are black.}


  1. The large kitchen does help. Our last house was lovely but the kitchen was about the size of a townhouse we lived in 38 years ago. Also, blogging has given me excitement about cooking because of people like you.

    I like your design, I noticed that it says it's going to expire - FYI

  2. I love to cook too! I am just the opposite of you, I don't cook much now and I used to a few years back, but not because of the kitchen...a few years ago, all my kids lived at home almost 100% of the time, so they were home for dinner everynight. I would cook chicken, rice and a vegetable, you know well round meals. I also had to cook seperately my food and the little one's since we are vegetarian. Now days, I just cook some type of vegetarian thing for the little ones and then like a garden burger for me and the hubs, I hardly cook for the big kids, my 17 yr old is hardly ever here and Kylie, 15, won't eat vegetarian and is not into chicken at the moment, LOL so I sometimes pick up a steak for her...so things have really changed and I so love to cook! :)


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